Hydroneer is a mining sandbox game where you dig for gold and other resources to build massive mining machines and a base of operation. Use primitive tools, hydro-powered machines, and player-built structures to dig and evolve your operation in this tycoon-style progression system.


2.2 Prospecting Update (April 14th, 2023)

This update brings Tier 3 mechanics into the world, with its corresponding tools, machinery, and pipes. A new resource also spawns now - Corestone! Found in Tier 2 and Tier 3 depths, this orangy-purpleish material is required for the crafting of T3 machines.

2.1 Farming Season - (December 9th, 2022)

Grow crops, harvest them, cook vegetables into soup, and gain a special new currency to spend in the new town: Farming Guild Tokens! NPCs have also been added to the world, they request soup, which can be made from growing crops and harvesting them. This system will be expanded upon in the next update to include mining related quests!

2.0 Overhaul - (May 8th, 2022)

Hydroneer 2.0 is released! It's the largest update we've ever done, and I couldn't be more proud. This is an incredible step forward for the game. The foundational features included in this update will not only make it easier for us to work on, but lay the groundwork for new items and mechanics!


  • Using a state-of-the-art voxel based terrain system, you can create cave networks, quarry pits, or even mud mountains. Discover relics of the past in the depths of Hydroneer, with better rewards the deeper you dig.
  • Hydroneer features a dynamic modular system for building structures and hydro powered machinery. Create the base of operations from your own design to optimise your work. Create networks of hydro pipes, control pressure. Craft resources, weaponry, jewellery, grow vegetables, and cook soup for villagers.
  • Large hydro powered machines used for a variety of uses, from digging resources and finding ore veins, to transporting goods.
  • Various parcels of land await you in the world of Hydroneer, each with their own advantages. Deeper pits, attractive scenery, and closer stores. You decide where to build your base of operations.


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About Foulball Hangover

Foulball Hangover is a video game studio located in the UK. We are best known for Hydroneer, a mining sandbox game released on Steam in 2020.
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Hydroneer Credits

Max "grandmaMax" Hayon
Studio Director
Daniel "ItchyBeard" Bright
3D Artist & Community Manager
Josef "Joe" Riggins
Character Artist & Programmer
Joe "JB" Barnes
3D Artist & Video Editor