Sail across the sea to Volcalidus, where a new adventure awaits. This expansion delivers new mechanics to the game to aid you in your mining expedition - from huge new vehicles, to interesting new progression systems.

Journey to Volcalidus takes place in a completely new location, accessible via ship from Bridgepour Harbour. Due to the distinctive new features and mechanics of this expansion, items and vehicles cannot be taken to Volcalidus.


  • Harness the power of the volcano with new lava-powered machinery.
  • Explore Volcalidus, over 6 times the size of the original island!
  • Help rebuild the capital town of New Glade, open new stores to browse.
  • Discover new resources deep underground.
  • Augment your tools and machinery while crafting them with buffs.
  • Operate new vehicles, including the huge Hydro-Hauler crane truck.
  • And more!





About Foulball Hangover

Foulball Hangover is a video game studio located in the UK. We are best known for Hydroneer, a mining sandbox game released on Steam in 2020.
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Hydroneer Credits

Max "grandmaMax" Hayon
Studio Director
Daniel "ItchyBeard" Bright
3D Artist & Community Manager
Josef "Joe" Riggins
Character Artist & Programmer
Joe "JB" Barnes
3D Artist & Video Editor